Who am I?

My name is LeAnn and I write YA/NA Urban Science Fantasy with Law Enforcement elements. Think of it as Marvel meets Divergent with a touch of police procedural.

My debut book, ILLUSIONARY, released on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited in March 2018 making it over a year old! Wow, does time fly! My debut series, Minefield Enforcers, will be complete with the third book REVOLUTIONARY releasing on May 29, 2019.
The Minefield world centers around an 18 year old Enhanced human named Nathalee. The world is as we know it… with one small difference. There is an offshoot branch of humans who have evolved to possess either mental or physical abilities. These “Enhanced” humans have been herded into isolated and monitored communities away from the rest of the human population. Unable to leave, the Enhanced are forever kept like bugs under a microscope… or prisoners.
When I'm not writing, I'm hanging out with my hubby and two munchkins around our Oklahoma home. Though currently horseless, I have been riding since my teen years and adore the giant animals so much that I wrote them into my story. We are a family of music lovers and are rocking out just about all the time, so of course I had to put that muse onto the pages as well.

Once Minefield has told its tale, it will be time for me to begin a new journey! I'll give you a hint... It'll be a little Grimm.


lllusionary: Minefield Enforcers, Book 1

She's telepathic. He's mute. Minefield's new team is playing for the long game: Freedom. There's a new breed of human. The government, fearing these new "Enhanced" beings, forced entire families into the isolation of exiled communities. Under constant supervision, they were forbidden to leave. Ever.
Nathalee Dae always thought she'd be compelled to settle for a half life, saddled with a telepathic ability she didn't want, in a town she couldn't escape. But one meeting with a mysterious mute man thrusts Nat in a direction she never thought to move. Now on an elite enforcement team, maybe Nat can make a difference.
Tempers and abilities clash as the new enforcement team comes together. Immediately, they are tasked to unravel a treacherous thread. One nobody knew existed, resulting in vicious an violent events.
When reality and deception weave a tangled web, Nat will need to be able to tell fact from fiction or her first investigation will be her last.

Fragmentary: Minefield Enforcers, Book 2

A once shunned telepath. An elite team of enforcers. A light at the end of the tunnel... IF they catch a murderer.

Months after successfully capturing the illusionist who'd treated their town like his own personal movie reel, things for Nathalee and her elite team have only improved. She's got a boyfriend who adores her and a team where she's seen as an asset. Topping it off is the possibility of leaving Minefield behind once and for all.

But with enforcer training, self-centered councilmen and a murderer on the loose, Nat's new comfort unravels faster than she thought possible. Each day brings a new fissure. Pain, prejudice and disillusionment threaten to shatter the team. If the team falls apart, Enhanced will never see freedom.

Nat can't afford to fall apart.

Revolutionary: Minefield Enforcers, Book 3

A team in mourning. A town in chaos. A secret that changes everything.

With the enforcers reeling from the loss of one of their own, Nat and the team learn that the Enhanced will be allowed to leave exile. The prospect of the unknown throws Minefield into fight or flight mode, making their job nearly impossible to stay on top of, especially with Enhanced abilities to contend with.

The solution? Expanding the team. Arrival of new blood forces Nathalee into the role of trainer, a position she never wanted to hold. On top of that, Nat learns that she and the team are slated to be the guinea pigs thrown into the real world to test the reception of Enhanced in society.

Just when Nat thinks things can't get any worse, disaster strikes, and the team must do whatever it takes to rescue their own... even if it means becoming exactly what people think they are: dangerous.

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